I finally have a moment to sit down and congratulate the amazing students and teachers of North Dakota who performed and prepared a concert that will have a special place in my heart for as long as I'm making music. Bear with me here, because this is a little dense. As a classical musician, I often feel like an expat, living in a foreign land of saccharine culture - let's call it fåkelund. After we played music together for a scant half hour I realized that I was in from the cold - no longer trying to dance with folks who didn't know the steps, or eating food that should be eaten with our hands with a fork and a knife - I was with my people. People who love this music as much as I do and have the patience, courage, resolve and intelligence to make it come alive. Our three days together were a blessing that I will cherish and draw sustenance from forever. I am all too aware of how rare these moments are. I'm not sure if the students knew just how serious I was when I said that what was going on was truly special, but I bet that there will come a moment when they look back with tremendous fondness at this concert and what they achieved with their friends. Congratulations to everyone - students, teachers, staff, parents - who made all of this possible. Looking forward to the day our paths cross again. #ndmea ...

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Just got done listening to three days of middle school MPA performances here in Orlando and I loved every minute of it. I was deeply moved and inspired by the dedication and hard work my colleagues put in every day to give their students a taste of the most wonderful thing in the world - making something beautiful with their own hands, hearts and minds. Bravi tutti to all of the FMEA District 8 directors for their tremendous accomplishments and best wishes for your continued success! Congratulations also to Raine Allen and Kevin D. Strang for organizing such a well run event! ...

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Exciting news! I've received permission to tell you that the announcement that UCF will be hiring a full time (9 month), tenure track cello teacher at the assistant or associate professor level is imminent! Please share this post and encourage any colleagues whom you think might be a good fit for a growing string program to apply for our position. We're looking for an energetic teacher and recruiter who will work well with the diverse constituency of students we have here at UCF. Please have any interested candidates contact me by PM and I'll put them in touch with the chair for our search committee to answer any questions they might have. Apologies in advance for the mass tagging. This position is very important for our continued growth and we're looking for candidate recommendations from people whose opinion we trust. A personal recommendation is very helpful to the process. Tentative job posting is below:

QUALIFICATIONS: Required: 1. Doctorate preferred. ABD or Master's with exceptional experience will be considered. 2. Significant experience as artist/performer in cello performance; 3. Demonstrated success in teaching, recruitment and retention of cello students at the college/university level.
Preferred: 1. Ability to teach music history, music theory or in another area according to ability of applicant and needs of the department. 2. Interest in chamber music collaboration with other faculty.

Duties will include recruitment, retention, development and instruction of the cello studio, assisting in the administration of the string area, and other teaching according to ability of applicant and needs of the department. 2. The ability to work well and build relationships with public school music educators and private studio teachers. 3. The ability to relate to and work well with UCF's diverse student population.

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