Exhausted but feeling great about today! We had 450 young musicians on the UCF campus for our annual All-State prep clinic! Congrats to our fearless leader Michael Wilkinson on a smooth and successful clinic! ...

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An email this morning from Anner Bylsma, one of my musical heroes:

Amsterdam, July 2015

from Anner Bylsma c\o The Fencing Mail
To the one time buyer of my books
Bach, The Fencing Master,
Bach senza Basso,
Bach and the Happy Few.

Dear Madam, dear Sir,


Bach’s BOW was not the sleepy pendulum of a Grandfathers’s clock; with his bow he spoke the syllables of his instrumental language.

Now, in our time, with music firmly in the hands of BIG LINE FETISHISTS: pianists pedaling away, conductors swishing through the air and musicologists talking about ‘culture’ (how big can you go?), string playing is on its way to a slow death from technical routine.

My new book DROPPINGS is an Exercise Book with on its left page a kind of fly-dirt landscape with the rhythm of the notes + my best guesses of what is there, and on the right side – for comparison – Mrs. Bach’s well known autograph. With each movement there is an article about some aspect of the by now almost totally forgotten wonderful, Italianate art of Bach’s violin playing.

There is pleasure to be found here.

All the best to you.
Greetings from Anner Bylsma

Anner Bylsma

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